YOUR PRIORITY IN LIFE and Toastmasters

You are like fresh bread, You are changing continually till you can give us the result of your experiences, the real fragrance of life

What you seek

is what you focus your attention on most of the time, and by a natural law, that is what will come to you.

No matter how many failures or disappointments you get, at some point, you must discover what you are seeking in life.

If you’ve tried many times to discover what you are seeking, but it is still hidden from you, at some point, it will be revealed to you. 

Your priority

must be what your inner voice is asking you to seek most of the time. You have a hidden gem just waiting to be revealed to society. You must explore what your inner voice is seeking, and develop the necessary knowledge and skills until you find your purpose in life. I was a firm believer that life is a journey and, like everyone, I was put on this planet to walk a path already planned and determined for me.

Then I heard about the Process of Life. Instead of a pre-determined journey, the Process of Life is something that makes you aware of the stages that you are going through, and it makes you become someone different each time you face a new process. This outlook on life makes more sense to me. 

The Reverend TD Jakes recently wrote a marvellous book called Crushing.

His writing does an amazing job of explaining the Process of Life.

So, what does the experience of Toastmaster International mean to my life process? 

Toastmaster International is a non-profit organization that helps

everyone, willing to put in the necessary effort, to become a better communicator and gain the necessary skills to live comfortably with others, whether with family or in the business environment. Naturally, how much effort a person puts into the Process will determine how good the outcome of the experience is. 

If you understand the great idea of the Process of Life, then you will also understand the benefits that Toastmasters will bring into your life when you practice the principles.

Why did I write this article? 

For you and me, that we are searching for meaning every day and I know that Toastmasters International is the way.


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