Visiting other TM speaking clubs – Dundee Contest

Club members of Perth Toastmasters and Dundee Toastmasters often visit each other’s clubs as a chance to hear and learn from other speakers, or to challenge themselves to present to a different group in a different place.  After all, we are really fortunate that our club venues are only about 15 miles apart.

This week was the club “International Speaking contest” – a yearly event which entails a speech competition and an evaluation competition.

What happens for the evaluation competition is that someone (quite often someone from another club) delivers a “target” speech and those who enter compete to deliver the most useful and illuminating evaluation of the speech. The winners from each club then move on to complete at the next level against a number of different clubs in the area.  Those that win there can go on to district and then even the international competition.

4 club members from Perth visited Dundee to help out with the contest at Dundee and afterwards were rewarded with a great cup of proper coffee (and in my case lovely hot chocolate!) and a good old catch up in the downstairs bar of the Dundee club venue, the lovely DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts).  Nick from Perth TM acted as contest chair and did a grand job of keeping the meeting flowing and ensuring everyone who wanted to had a chance to take part by getting in some “ad hoc” speaking practice. Very aptly the ad hoc speaking topic was about “Inspirational Women” and not surprisingly everyone had loads of inspiring and sometimes very touching examples of women who had made such a difference to their lives.

Phil from Perth TM was a contest judge (one of 5 judges) and Caroline delivered the target speech which was entitled “Eat that Horse” (no animals were harmed in the creation of this speech!!!). Subrra won the evaluation contest and will go on to compete in the Area contest in Dundee at the DCA, which is on the 2nd April at 12 noon. Anyone can come along and hear some very polished speakers and evaluators compete.

What I like about visiting other clubs is how friendly everyone is, meeting people who are at lots of different points in improving their communication skills, hearing other people’s experience and getting a huge amount of encouragement.

If you want to challenge yourself a bit, it’s a great idea to speak at another club or take one of the meeting roles because it is slightly outside of the norm, there are lots of new faces and you meet a whole load of new people happy to help on your communication journey.

Being based in Perth there are several clubs reachable quite easily – Dundee Toastmasters, Dunfermline Toastmasters and St. Andrews Toastmasters. Further afield there are multiple clubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh – find all clubs here.

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