Two 10th Speeches in one evening!

If you joined us last night at our meeting you were really treated to fantastic speeches! We had two 10th speeches from Declan and Caroline which was a huge achievement in that they have now accomplished their Competent Communicator manuals, in which they received some dazzling badges to wear proudly! We were also treated by hearing from Jim who presented his speech “Tonight Matthew I’m going to Be…” which you can hear again at the upcoming Division contest!

Completing your 10 speeches in Toastmasters is a huge achievement, the 10th speech brings together everything that you’ve done in your past speeches and combines them all into this final speech within the manual.

Declan says: “I’m really proud and happy to have done my 10 speeches, anyone will tell you how I’ve developed and improved upon my speaking skills. It’s been a challenging journey, you either push yourself or don’t improve. I don’t like doing prepared speeches (I still don’t!) but the only way to improve is to keep at it and develop the invaluable skills that you learn in the process! I’m oddly looking forward to continuing to my next manual and see where that takes me!”

Caroline says: “It’s taken me quite a while to work through the 10 speeches in the Competent Communicator manual but I have done it ! I do many presentations for work and I know that I have improved by doing the different projects in the Toastmasters programme – and I am more adventurous in varying the language  and content.

Initially I was introduced to Toastmasters by a colleague and definitely would not have gone without encouragement as I thought the name Toastmaster was a bit off putting . How wrong I was ! It’s been great fun and the Perth group have been really friendly and encouraging!”


A thanks to all those who came along, took roles and contributed to our meeting!