Toastmasters are Polymaths?

Polymaths are people who have mastered many skills and disciplines.

We are not full-time Toastmasters employees, so that means that to keep paying our bills and make a living, we need to master our jobs. If we want to benefit from the Toastmaster experience, we need to work hard to master the new things that Toastmasters teaches.

It is certainly true that we will learn new things

and that to learn new things, it is necessary to attend meetings and work on ourselves. It is also true that if we add Toastmasters to the other duties in our life, then it can sometimes be a challenge.  

I believe that the Toastmasters experience is an important step to take for anyone who wants to improve their position in life, no matter what they have already studied.

When we master the new material that helps us grow, we gain a vision for our future.

Everyone on Toastmaster can share His/her Thought on Vision

When our mind sees the benefit

we gain from devoting time to Toastmasters, then adding the extra time and effort becomes less stressful.

Let’s put it this way—Toastmasters teaches us how to listen to other people and how to become an effective communicator, which is the key thing. Everything we do, we do for other people, no matter if you are a business owner or an employee. We all work for and serve others.

Because of that, we all need to use the necessary social skills to communicate effectively. 

Toastmasters is this:

through meetings, mentoring, and online or printed material, members are increasing their potential.

In our society, the people who earn more and live a comfortable life are those who are able to solve problems. Many times, where people work together, the problems are hidden. Social skills are necessary in order to get people working together in harmony. 

Henry Ford once said that he was willing to pay more to someone with the right social skills than to someone who is willing to work hard but doesn’t know how to cope with people. 

Is that true? What is your opinion? Come see what we do, and then decide if this could be your next step in life. We will be very pleased to meet you and introduce you to our club. 

JO MA, VPPR 2019 for Perth Toastmaster

Here it is a testimonial from one of our senior members: 

Jim J Davidson  recommends Perth Toastmasters.

7 July · 

Having to walk into a room full of strangers, where they all know each other, can be intimidating for even the most confident person.

However, when you walk into a room to confront what most people consider to be their number one fear, then it is surprising that anyone would make it out of the car park!

So, let me reassure you, while you may feel nervous entering the room, you will quickly find that you needn’t have worried.
 Here is why: everyone in that room, without exception, had to walk in there the first time, and when they did, they found a very warm and friendly welcome. They were put at ease and people actually talked to them; they did not have to somehow get in on the conversation.

Those who went on to join found that they were encouraged to improve one small step at a time. They soon found that new members did not believe they once started out where they were today.

If I sound like I am trying to sell Perth Toastmasters to you, then I guess I am guilty. However, it does not come from a desire for profit, as we are a volunteer organization and no one is paid or receives any financial benefit. I am a passionate believer in Toastmasters because I have seen it change so many people’s lives since I joined in 2004.

So please, do yourself a favour and go to a meeting to find out for yourself. I know they will be delighted to see you.

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Toastmasters are Polymaths?
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