Nick & Shrini complete their 10th speeches

When you join Perth TM you work through (at your own pace) a series of speaking assignments as part of the Competent Communicator manual. The first speech is called the ICE breaker and you speak about something you know a lot about – you! People approach this in lots of different ways. I have heard ICE breaker speeches about anything from a location that was very special to someone to a summary of main life events to a talk on a handbag collection! The idea is just to get up there and start a journey to improved public speaking.

Last month at Perth TM we were really fortunate to hear not one but two tenth speeches. Speech number 10 is about inspiring your audience and the idea is to use all that you have learnt in working through the Competent Communicator (CC) manual.

Perth TM had a real treat in hearing speeches from Srini and Nick.

Srini said:  “Completing 10 speeches and earning my CC award at Toastmasters was one of my biggest personal achievements to date.

I had a few ideas for my 10th speech but was quite nervous about making it the best and ‘culmination of my competent communicator journey’ speech. I couldn’t have done this without the total support of my family and the Perth Toastmasters Club! My BIG thanks to everyone at the club.

My main reason in joining Toastmasters was to beat the devil inside me that kept me from opening my mouth to express my opinion in any group. I am a natural introvert and not speaking was not helping my confidence or my growth in my company.
Now after finishing my CC and having taken part in humorous speech contests, I can say with confidence that if anyone wants to overcome their fear of public speaking, join Toastmasters!”

Nick delivered his 10th speech after being with Perth TM for just over a year.

Prior to joining Toastmasters, Nick’s existing speaking skills had concentrated on power point presentations, and more science-based informative styles of speaking. This was through being ‘Thrown into the deep end’ during a previous working life in R&D and part time lecturing.

Nick said.    “Over the months with Perth TM I discovered that public speaking was not such a bad thing, and I began to realise the fringe benefits public speaking can do for a person’s articulateness and general confidence in speaking situations such as interviews and general conversations. Above all else, I discovered public speaking is not the reserve of people who are more outgoing and possess ‘the gift of the gab’. The most remarkable thing is that anybody can build up their speaking skills to a good standard, as it is something that’s acquired, as opposed to just natural ability alone.”

Nick’s tenth speech was called “Sparks” and had been 6 months in the making. He says that his initial speeches had been more impersonal and largely informative, harking back to his previous life in academia and ‘Sticking to what I know’ and Nicks says

Nowadays my speeches are more left field, creative, and personal as I get more confident.

I wanted my Speech 10 to be the best I had given up until this point, and there were a number of things I wanted to achieve: 1) to rectify previous failings on other CC projects; 2) to control my pacing, as I am very guilty of speaking too fast on previous projects; 3) to get the timing right, and 4) to convey a subject very personal to me and not something I talk about often. Judging by the evaluations, and my own personal viewpoint, I achieved all four! “


If you know someone that could benefit from improving their public speaking why not let them know about Perth TM and come along to one of our meetings. It is free for guests and you will meet all sorts of people working on improving their speaking like Srini and Nick.