Inside our September 2019 Toastmaster’s Magazine

september 2019 toastmastermagazine
Cover of Toastmaster Magazine 2019

Inside our September 2019 Toastmaster’s Magazine

The New International President Of our association is Deepak Menon

In the very first page of the Magazine, we find his introduction that reflects very well

the experiences of new members and the older one.

Whit Toastmaster people can Flourish, can Improve.

But what can make people join the club or not is a combination of various factors.

Each of us can join and each of us has different WHY we join the association.

Moving on, for Mr Deepak the way the Club will receive the new attendant will make an impact on his/her decision to join or not

Mr Deepak highlight the factor of Giving Answers to the new attendant,

answers that he/ she are looking for.

Giving them a positive first Impression, that can be a very well organised room for the Meeting.

Explain the meeting and so make the Potential member comfortable with the new environment.

The Key of the Article is :

make the potential member eager to join the club right away. It’s the first step in having a robust and active Toastmaster Club.

If you that are reading this right now are not one of our members yet then watch this video on youtube, please

This is Philip Cooper one of the founders of the Pert Club in Scotland and he is a member from 7 years now .

He wants to specialise in storytelling and what do you think? he is not good? Of course, it is. but as he admits aways,

is all about his effort and the contribution to be a member.

So please, we are waiting for you to come and see what we are doing and maybe you can discover a new meaning of life.

Communication and Listening are very important factors for your success with your fellow.


September 2019


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