2017 has started with a bang!

New Years has started with bang in our new venue the North Inch Community Campus! We had five speeches tonight; four from our members and a special guest speaker slot.

The Christmas break did nothing to slow down the momentum from our last meeting in November. Our President Dolores is now the newest addition to the Competent Communicator club. Congratulations Dolores, CC!

The sequence of speeches given at tonight’s meeting demonstrated the Toastmasters journey; ranging from the 1st speech of competent communicator manual, the speeches in between, the last and 10th speech of the competent communicator, and life beyond the competent communicator with two advanced speeches.

Our newest member Stuart made his debut with his icebreaker speech delivered as if he’s been speaking for years. Next up was the very talented up-and-comer Michael who gave a great CC3 speech about taking the initiative about starting your resolutions TODAY. Star of the show Dolores gave a memorable CC10 that contained a powerful message for us all and embrace the finer things in life and shut out the negatives.

We also had a Storytelling #1 speech from Nick with a folktale of the Irish tradition, warning that contrary to popular perceptions, fairy folk do not take shape as their Walt Disney caricatures, but rather can manifest themselves into anything they wish and have nothing else but malicious intentions for people who rub them up the wrong way. They may even take shape as the Toastmaster sitting right next you

The ever gregarious Anas Hassan, our special guest speaker and charter member at Dunfermline Toastmasters, treated us all to an advanced speech from the communicating on video manual holding a theoretical press conference as the new Scottish prime minister for 2026. Needless to say he got a grilling but handled his Q&A like any good politician does